Over the years of valet service, Regal Parking Services has devised our special proprietary training. Each new applicant goes through a complete background check. Once the applicant passes the background check, the applicant has to pass a driving test. Once this is accomplished the applicant then receives a training manual on the operations and duties expected of a Regal Parking Services employee. The owner then personally trains the new valet, so each valet understands their duties and exactly what is expected of them. Each new valet is on a probationary period until they fully understand the complete operations of their job. Each one of Regal Parking Services clients has their own custom manual specially molded to their specific needs. This is to insure each clients needs are reached and exceed. We work our clients standards right into our training this way our valets are just like a gear in the mechanical machine that is your company. We are all working for the same goal.